Face Painting in Adelaide, Gawler and the Barossa Valley.

From the fun and colourful to the elegant and romantic, liven up your next party or special event with creative face designs or cheek/arm embellishments.

Your child and party guests can be transformed into a Tiger, Pirate, Monster, Princess, Kitten or a beautiful Butterfly,the possibilities are endless.......


We only use the highest grade cosmetic face paints which are all FDA approved for use on the face and body and meet with the highest Australian standards. These paints wash off easily using a liquid face wash and water. 

 Health and Hygiene are of the utmost importance and we do not paint over any sores or wounds or irritations like eczema etc.- in some cases an arm design will be offered instead. A clean fresh sponge is used for each child and brushes are rinsed/sterilized in water between each sitting and we use anti-bacterial gel to ensure our hands are clean at all times.


 We can paint 10-12 full face designs within an hour time frameDesigns can be tailored to suit what you need on the day depending on numbers etc. If it's a big event where the number of faces is not known, we can offer face, hand and arm designs that are quick but still look great, the quick designs help us to get through line's quicker and guarantee that more children will be painted.

 We are experienced with public events and can work quickly and efficiently with large crowds of people. We are fully trained in, Corporate etiquette, People/children skills & also Special Needs requirements.

We are fully covered by Public Liability Insurance.


 Your face painter will arrive 15 minutes before the event to set up and ensure painting will begin at the specified time.  We supply all necessary equipment, our own fold-up table and two chairs. For set up we do require a sheltered well-lit position away from general human traffic.


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